Olivia Latinovich has long-held collaboration with her former muse, Pippi Longstocking, and the era of “Oli” that was influenced by the character’s cheeky nod to life’s true joys: lots of boldness and a little bit of rule-breaking. The provocateur of that moment stuck and tucked inside Provence in a small atelier the label began its story with hats loud enough to be heard in between the cobblestone bystreets. OL then relocated to Los Angeles where it would continue with the chronicles of womenswear. All of the novelty attached to the brand’s French origins breathe through the garments’ design with compelling clarity that harnesses this faraway land existing in LA. 

Our label creates all of our pieces with beautiful sustainable fabrics. A combination of deadstock and organic textiles are sourced within the city of Los Angeles to modernize timeless fashion. We prioritize participating in the industry conscientiously with a vertically integrated production system and an ethically conscious clothing manufacturer located in downtown Los Angeles. The factory is sweatshop-free, fixating on a desire to cultivate the craft and skill behind production while paying their employees fair living wages and providing safe working conditions. Everything done at Olivia Latinovich is done with intention.


For more information on the brand, please reach out to us at info@olivialatinovich.com