Olivia Latinovich's brand is an expression of her personal wardrobe, 
love of the past, and iconic femininity of the many women before her. 


The Journey So Far after starting her career as a designer in New York, Olivia quickly sensed what would be the beginning of a new era in fashion. She left the city and headed to France where she would build her brand out of a small atelier. She spent the summer selling pieces to the village locals and visitors on holiday. Olivia saw the possibilities and eventually packed up her studio and headed to California to begin producing her new womenswear line. 
Values the brand was born in France, however Olivia moved the brand to California to produce her pieces. Everything bearing the OL label has been sourced, developed, and produced in Los Angeles.
Handmade all OL garments are handmade in a vertically integrated and ethically conscious clothing manufacturer located in downtown Los Angeles. The factory is sweatshop free, pays their employees fair living wages, and provides safe working conditions.
Responsibility we have a role to play in the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry. In 2019, we began sourcing deadstock, upcycled, and organic fabrics to minimize our social and environmental impact. Since Spring 2020, we have proudly produced 100% of our pieces out of deadstock fabrics sourced from within the city of Los Angeles. In Spring 2021, we began shipping all orders in packaging made from 100% recycled paper and plastic. It's our goal to continue making more responsible choices at every step in the process.
For more information on the brand, please reach out to us at info@olivialatinovich.com